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About Duchonka

Our camping site is situated in the heart of Považský Inovec mountain range, with a rich offer of walking and cycling trails. Duchonka Camping lies on the shore of the lake Duchonka. In surrounding there are some nice sightseeing places (ruins of Topoľčany castle, observation tower on Panská Javorina hill, trout pond and restaurant in Kulháň, which can be reached by Forest educational trail).

Our offer 

Our site provides accomodation in bungalows and has a spacy area for tenting and caravaning. Whole camping is situated in the shadow of pine-birch forest. We are open in summer months (June-September). 


There are 15 bungalows, each with four beds. They are all placed next to each other in close proximity to Reception/bar, dayroom, playground and sports ground.

Equipment: room with four beds, table, chairs, wardrobe; bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower; kitchen with fridge, cooker and kitchen equipment.

There is an outdoor seating in front of the bungalows.


In the camp area, there is well-known TURISTA bar with an outdoor seating, where you can get alcoholic and soft drinks and basic snacks. Here you can also watch TV and play snooker. Near the camp, there are several restaurants and pizzeria, if needed we can arrange and import warm food from our partner´s.


  Adult/day U10 Child/day
Bungalow (tax included)  9,00 € 4,00 €
Cabin (tax included)  6,00 € 2,00 €
Person - in tent, caravan (tax included) 2,50 € -
Tent 1,50 € -
Tax 0,70 € -
Car 1,50 € -
Motorcycle 1,00 € -
Caravan 4,50 €  - 
Electricity (for tents and caravans) 3,00 € -
Pet (dog, cat) -

Contact and booking

Phone: +421 (0) 902 337 672, +421 (0) 948 609 909

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: DUCHONKA CAMPING - rekreačná oblasť Duchonka, 956 22  Prašice

Postal address: LD RELAX s.r.o., 1. mája 209/198, 956 22  Prašice

GPS coordinates: 48° 40’ 7.57" S 18° 48° 5’ 39.30" V


Pokyny pre ubytovanie v kempe počas TRIDENT festivalu

Pokyny pre ubytovanie v kempe počas TRIDENT festivalu

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Veterány na Duchonke

Cena: zadarmo

Miesto : Duchonka - Veľká pláž

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Cena: od 10,90€

Miesto : Duchonka - Hrádza

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DUCHONKA CAMPING - rekreačná oblasť Duchonka

956 22 Prašice

Poštová adresa:

LD RELAX s.r.o.

1. mája 209/198

Prašice 956 22

Fakturačné údaje:

LD RELAX s.r.o.

IČO: 46655662

DIČ: 2023514471

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Bankové spojenie: SLSP - 5028608934/0900


+421 (0) 902/337672 (ubytovanie)

+421 (0) 948/609909


GPS súradnice:

48° 40' 7.57" S 18° 5' 39.30" V